What is Shocker Racing Baja?

Shocker Racing Baja is an engineering design team that designs, builds, tests and races a single-seat off-road vehicle that is capable of withstanding severe punishment of rough terrain. Each year the team competes in one of three official SAE competitions held across different locations in the United States.     

By joining our team, students gain hands-on experience using different types of tools, hone their machining and welding skills as well as gain software proficiency in using CAD software.   

尊皇棋牌While the team members are primarily engineering majors, we are open to all majors!

The following are the contact information for our team:

Captain: Casey Reyes, wsubajasae@gmail.com 

Adviser: Dr. Davood Askari, davood.askari@wichita.edu尊皇棋牌