WSU General Education Requirements

Revised and Approved by the Faculty Senate on 3.26.12, 4.22.13, 5.12.14

尊皇棋牌 Academic advising is an important part of a student's undergraduate experience. You, the student, should meet with an adviser in the college of your major before registering for classes each semester. These advisers will help you understand the undergraduate experience and assist in selecting and sequencing classes that meet the requirements for your degree and major.


What is the mission of general education?

The mission of general education is to provide a well-rounded education that enables you to live the fullest most meaningful life possible, regardless of your particular career preparation.

What is the overall goal?

The goal of general education is to enable you to live a rich, meaningful life by developing: an informed appreciation of the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences; an ability to intelligently follow and participate in current events; and a sensitive and tutored appreciation of diverse cultures and ways of living.

What are the expected outcomes?1

Embedded throughout general education and furthered in the major are the skills that enable graduates to contribute productively to society and the on-going culture. Therefore, upon graduation the faculty expects you to:

  • Have acquired knowledge in the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences
  • Think critically and independently
  • Write and speak effectively
  • Employ analytical reasoning and problem solving techniques

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1Wichita State University currently uses the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) to assess the outcomes gained through the students' educational experience. Each fall and spring semester, a representative sample of entering and graduating students participate. The assessment is used, in conjunction with Program Review, to verify the University's impact on the outcomes as well as contribute to continuous improvement of the University's programs.