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WSU Dames Endowed Scholarship


尊皇棋牌In 1928, Mrs. H.W. Foght, wife of University of Wichita President Harold Foght, founded the Faculty Wives Club. Accordingly, she was the first elected president of the club. Through the years, the organization existed for the purpose of organizing and sponsoring social activities. Then, in 1970, a tragic plane crash took the lives of 31 Wichita State University football players, administrators and supporters. In response, the Dames put together their first fundraising event for the Football 1970 Memorial. Two years later, the WSU Dames amended their bylaws to allow women faculty of the university to become members.

The WSU Dames Endowed Scholarship is intended to benefit non-traditional, female students.


尊皇棋牌Candidates must apply for consideration to this scholarship. Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year are now closed.

尊皇棋牌After submitting a completed application with all required attachments, candidates will receive written notification in late June.

If you have questions please contact Corinne Nilsen, Scholarship Chair. 

Guidelines for the WSU Dames Scholarship

  1. Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to a student(s) enrolled full or part time at Wichita State University.
  2. No recipient will be excluded from consideration based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a veteran, or disability.
  3. Consideration will be given to non-traditional, female candidates.
  4. Award(s) will be made with regard to financial need.
  5. The Wichita State University Office of Financial Aid will administer the scholarship(s) based on recommendations approved by the WSU Women's Association.
  6. The scholarship(s) may be renewed if the committee deems it desirable.