The Shocker Pride Celebration尊皇棋牌 recognizes outstanding employees with the President’s Distinguished Service Award and the Unclassified Professional Senate Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award.

President's Distinguished Service Award

Each year the University Support Staff Senate, Faculty Senate and Unclassified Professional Senate complete a call for nominations among their constituents. Members of each senate award committee select three individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the university community beyond their job descriptions. Honorees selected by the each senate are recognized at the Shocker Pride Celebration.

尊皇棋牌Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award

One of the unclassified professional honorees selected will be given the exclusive honor of the Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award. The Carlisle Award is presented to an unclassified professional who models the standard of extraordinary service exhibited by the late Wayne Carlisle. Carlisle died Dec. 17, 1991 following a long battle with cancer. He had been the WSU’s director of placement and career services for eight years. Colleagues say Carlisle managed a multitude of tasks each day with intelligence, warmth, courage and humor.

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